Contemporary Interior Design Home Decor Ideas for Modern Home

Contemporary Interior Design Home Decor Ideas for Modern Home

Kahaa would like to bring you contemporary interior design ideas that can help you through your designing process. Every room should have a different story to tell along with passion and style. The concept of modern interior design revolves around overlaying a different story through your interior home decoration. Choosing the right color and designs may not be that easy as it sounds, but home décor ideas may give you best insights. These ideas may help you right from choosing the right flooring, color, textures to setting up your furniture. Making the home exclusive is everyone’s dream, let us help you in achieving it.

We are certainly sure that our insights and ideas would provide you with amazing home décor ideas and inspirations.

Going Bold:

Image: Greg Cox/Bureaux

Whenever you have a small space, plan it bold. The bold look gives the rooms a charismatic and impactful essence. The above picture is Geraldine Fenn and Eric Loubser’s home in Melville  who has given a quirky and bold look to their living room. The bold look appears bright in small spaces and beautifies it. There is a significance of each product in their home which lays to their past and present jewelry projects. The contemporary interior design yet bold look as shown in the image is making the space lively and attractive at the same time.

A Splash of Pastels

Image : Fresh Home

Pastel is the latest trend for interior home decoration which can be synced with any wall color. However, white is the base that suits pastes the best. To give your walls a dark shade, you must ensure the objects to be placed in the room to make it look adorable yet elegant.  The elegance that pastel space carries is unmatched and incomparable.

A White Textured Room

Image : Houzz

White is a color of peace and elegance. Who would not love to have whites in their home? The white textured walls make space elegant along with the white sofas and center table. Just to add a bit of color, you may select blush tone in accents which would be perfect for spending cozy time your coffee and books. In the modern interior design concept, white is one of the most lovable colors to play around along with contrast shades.

Playing Around with Patterns

Image : Homedit

Patterns today have won the hearts of millions of people. The modern interior design at least has one room with patterns to match the contemporary theme of the home. There are various patterns such as floral or geometric which can be found in home décor stores. Another way of adding pattern to your room can be by putting patterned bedsheet and pillow covers to the plain colored wall.

Adding Bold Colors

Image : Houzz

Making the hallways bright and colorful will add life to your home. The plain colors may make it boring. So, here is a trick to break the nature of your home. Adding bold hues like blue, pink or purple will make the space elegant. You can always add art pieces or display your own art collection in the modern interior design.

Shelf your Collectibles

Image : IKEA

Collectibles play an important in the concept of contemporary interior design. Shelving your collectibles or arranging them on a platform can add up to your living room. It is a great idea to if you want to be quirky, elegant, or want some room for your antiques. Placing the collectibles is a perfect way to match your home with your personality. However, you will need to balance your sense of displaying the objects.

Let the Color Speak

Image : Livingetc

Choosing your favorite color with the group of collectibles is a unique way to showcase your personality. You can always create your own space such as vintage, quirky, modern art and so on with such contemporary interior design ideas. Grouping the collectibles with contrast or same color can redefine the idea of your room in a unique way. Various home décor stores showcase this concept which can be taken as an example for creating your own space.

The Mix of Old and New

Image : Chapel Hill Durham Real Estate

The mixture of old and new is the ideal way to exhibit your lived time periods or some from your parent’s favorites. Home interior design is something that can be curated based on individuals likes to create one’s dream place. It is something that can be cherished for the rest of your life and mixing your old memories can be one perfect way to live your childhood. The antiques and modern interior go hand in hand which can make a perfect pair for your living space.

Black and White

Image : Homedit

If you are the one who loves black, you can never ignore a space with black and white combination. Interior home decoration can be made as unique as you would like it to be. Similarly, you can add some indoor plants and colorful cushions to make the space lively yet elegant. Black and white living room can make a perfect space to curl up with a book or grab some coffee. It’s a proper mixture of vintage and modern era which beautifies the entire home.

The Magical Woods

Image : Lush Home

If you love to warm up in your home, this can be the perfect way to live your dream. The wooden accents allow the natural environment in the space where you would love to spend time. There are various wooden accents that can be explored in home décor stores to ensure the most appropriate for your home. The designer Bobby Berk has made some explicit wooden accent spaces which are worth taking ideas from. These wooden spaces when added with some indoor plants and a glass window with a view, becomes a perfect living room.

Vintage Space

Image : Teknosatu

The vintage living room gives us the feeling of going back in time. The rustic splash in vintage home interior design adds up to space and makes it more elegant. As shown in the above picture, the floral sofas give the space a unique and colorful look. Adding some vintage objects or collectibles can make the space realistic and attractive. However, you can always mix the vintage style with a modern interior. The unique look that you will get from this combination will take all the attention of your visitors. Adding surprising elements always helps which you may experience in various home décor ideas.

The Bohemian Room

Image : My Domaine

The current trend is all about Bohemian spaces which are inspired by the idea of an unconventional life. Nowadays we can witness various home interior design ideas that include Bohemian style and is one of the most liked types. The Bohemian style is easy to adapt as a DIY project through various YouTube tutorials. You can even convert a vintage table in Boho style with some easy refurbishing. Similarly, the entire space can be converted easily with some guidance.

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